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History Tours

The world as we know it is down to the events of the past. Help your students journey into the past to locations where some of the worlds important historical events occurred with a History tour.

From discovering the advanced civilization of the Ancient Greeks in Athens to the dark times of WWll in Krakow the world is full of history waiting for your class to discover.

Below are just are just a few examples we would recommend for history tours, but we are able to create bespoke itineraries to any destination you desire.

Amsterdam History Tour

Amsterdam may not be the first destination that comes to mind when thinking of destination to visit for a WWll history tour, it however provides some great opportunities to explore the subject in the city. The city is home to one of the most famous victims of the Holocaust Anne Frank.

Athens History Tour

Athens one of the world’s oldest cities which has been inhabited for over 5000 years. It was the leading city during Ancient Greek period, which has resulted it in providing opportunities you wouldn’t find anywhere else in world when discovering the history of this advanced civilization.

Beijing History Tour

Beijing the epicentre of a number of important historic events in China’s history. It is a great destination to learn about a number of topic areas from the time of emperors to it to becoming a potential world superpower. The city once called home by emperors you can explore the history of the Dynasties with visits including the Forbidden city, Summer Palace and Ming tombs.

Berlin History Tour

Berlin the city which has been the focal point in Europe’s recent history from been the headquarters of the Nazi regime to the division of the city between the West and Soviet Union. This has led to it been a great destination to visit when covering the subject areas of the WWll and the Cold war.

Krakow History Tour

Krakow located in Southern Poland is an ideal tour destination for studying WWll and in particular the Holocaust. Krakow had a thriving Jewish Community before it was devasted during Holocaust the city now has a number of visits and memorials to remember and commemorate those killed.

London History Tour

London the capital of United Kingdom has been the centre for many important historical decisions which have affected not just UK but the rest of world. The city is great destination to learn about a variety of history topics whether it be on a specific topic area or numerous areas of history it has a large selection of visits possible.

Moscow History Tour

Moscow the centre point of recent Russian history from the Russian Revolution to the Cold War. It’s an ideal destination to delve deep into the country’s past. The experience allows your students to view history from a different perspective instead of the usual western point of view.

New York History Tour

New York often described as gateway to the East coast and one of the world’s most multicultural cities. The history behind the two descriptions make it an ideal destination to cover the history topic of the American Dream.

Paris History Tour

Paris has been the centre power when it comes to the running of the French nation for the past two centuries. The city is an ideal destination to visit when looking to cover the history subject area of the French Revolution. It is therefore fitting that the first French revolution visit on your tour is to Place de la Bastille the once former prison was completely destroyed and is now a square with the commemorative July column in the middle.

Rome History Tour

Rome once the centre of one of largest empires in human history is an ideal destination to visit when studying the Romans. From museums to ruins there is large variety of visit and activities you can do from covering all areas Roman life to specific areas such as its military we are able to include visits to target the areas you wish to cover.

Washington, D.C. History Tour

Washington, D.C. the centre of power of the United States since it’s creation, it is full of the country’s young but detailed history. The city is a great destination to visit to cover a number of topics in American history from its political history with visits to the Capitol which has housed the country’s senate for the last two centuries to civil rights movement with a detailed exhibition on the topic at the National Museum of African American History and Culture.