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Cultural Tours

Cultural tours are a great opportunity for students to cover a number of subject areas through a variety of different activities and visits the destination has to offer. Whether it be a  one night stay in Dublin to a week long in Croatia, cultural trips can be as long or short as you require to any destination you would like to visit. 

Below are just are just a few examples we would recommend for cultural tours, but we are able to create bespoke itineraries to any destination you desire. 

Bratislava and Vienna Cultural Tour

Bratislava the capital of Slovakia and Vienna the capital of Austria is perfect example of a dual location tour. The two capitals are closest in Europe with only 30 miles between the two. In provides a great contrast when it comes to exploring both cities as even though are so close Vienna is much larger and more established compared to Bratislava which is one of youngest capital cities in Europe.

Cantabria Cultural Tour

The region of Cantabria is located in Northern Spain. In the North of the region it boasts a 220km coastline on the Bay of Biscay and in the south the Cantabrian Mountain range which stretches for 300km. It’s a stark contrast to the mass holiday destinations in the south of the country and is great opportunity to experience Spanish culture and traditions most people don’t know even exist.

Gdańsk Cultural Tour

Gdansk the gateway to the Polish coast and capital of the Pomorskie Region. The historic city has a beautiful blend of new and old architecture throughout the city from the medieval port crane to the newly built Stadion Energa.

Porto Cultural Tour

The historical city of Porto located in central Portugal. It is one of Europe’s oldest historical centres and is a UNESCO world heritage site. A great destination to learn about Portugal’s past with its great selection of historical attractions to visit.

Zadar Cultural Tour

Zadar located in Northern Croatia on the Adriatic coast and found over 3,000 years ago by the Romans. It’s a great city to get a feel for Croatian culture unlike the busy cities of Split and Dubrovnik the city is less touristy allowing you to have a more authentic Croatian experience.